Last week I saw a pack of bone-in chicken breasts on sale at Meijer. We didn’t get that many chickens in our CSA share this month, so I caved and bought them. Although I felt a little guilty, I was looking forward to having enough white meat for 3-4 meals.

Whilst I don’t believe our only option is to go vegan,
this blog does encourage me to choose chickens from sustainable, humane farms.

When I stopped buying store bought meat and switched to my CSA, I didn’t notice a huge change in quality. I didn’t cook it up that first night and think, “Whoa! Have we been missing out!”

I was really thinking, “I can’t believe I have to cook a whole chicken every time I want some diced meat in a casserole.”

Don’t get me wrong; I always felt good about my choice to switch and I have never regretted it. But I was expecting to have my world rocked… and… well, that never happened. 

But last night, my world twitched to say the least. The difference in switching back is rather striking. For one… I forgot how ginormous these breasts can be.  These are like the Pamela Anderson of chickens.

(If a clip from The Onion can triple my hit count, let’s see what this picture does)

Check out this blog for more information on the Cornish X chickens that give us these plump, delicious, unnatural breasts. (No, I am not being sarcastic…. Franken-chickens really have that scary name).

I don’t think we will be getting those big breasts from the grocery store again anytime soon.