Love is ...

Dear Teacher,

I just read the letter that the K staff sent home concerning Valentine’s Day cards. While I definitely understand that putting “To: A friend” on each card makes it quicker and easier to distribute Valentines, I am not sure I understand why expediency is the goal for this exchange?

Usually when we make our Valentine’s cards, we stop and think about each name we are writing. We chat about the person that the name represents. Whether it be Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, best friend Jake, or the girl in class named Emily that we hardly know, writing the name is what makes the Valentine special. Without a name, there really is no meaning behind the gesture.

I think instructing my kids to put names on Valentine’s cards teaches my children to be thoughtful and inclusive. Leaving the name off turns the exchange inward. Into just another reason to buy ever more Star Wars or Sponge Bob merchandise.

I understand that parties take away from time set aside for learning. But I am always impressed by how my children’s teachers turn everyday moments into learning opportunities. It just seems to me that taking the time to count and sort Valentines, while encouraging thoughtfulness and caring is a practice worth standing up for.

Thank you,
B’s Mom