Don’t Buy a House

December 6, 2012

I feel like calling my sister and giving her a bit of advice. But she never takes my advice. Also I resolved some time ago not to offer up unsolicited advice anymore. But I can offer it here… to the ether… to no one. 

Don’t buy a house. Or if you do, buy it in such a way that you can unload it easily. Duh… housing bubble and all that. Everyone knows that now, right? I don’t think so.

I just read in Cal Thomas’ column today:

 Our ancestors learned to do without in order to retain things of real value. I was taught that excessive debt was a great evil because it contributed to a loss of freedom. If that is true for individuals, it is truer still for our country.

Maybe that is what I don’t have that I am longing for. I always bought into the idea that “growing-up” or “arriving” was marriage, kids, a house, 2 cars, a garage full of tools, and a 401k. But being in the military showed me another way of life that steeped into my being. Travelling, trying new things, moving every two years, learning new jobs and skills. 

I miss all those things. But I like my life now. Could I have this life and freedom? I think I could. I homeschool for crying out loud. I don’t need a “good” school district. If I had freedom we could move into an apartment downtown for a few years. Then move out to the sticks next to the forest preserve. Maybe get a tiny, cheap place for a year or two and spend every free moment abroad. 

But then there’s the house. We will always be slaves to the damn house. I like the house… really I do. But it’s freedom I long for.