Parent Teacher Conference

November 19, 2012

So the husband and I went to a P/T conference for the middle child, B. That’s not just a moniker for the sake of anonymity. We really do call him “B”. Anyway, we refer to B as our bi-polar child. His mood swings are…

Barney Stinson "Legen -- wait for it -- dary"

But his teacher reported no such thing. She said he is smart with a dry wit (for a 5 year old). She also said he is pretty easy going and even-tempered. What?! We kept waiting for the “But…” but it never came.

B has a way with people. He charms strangers immediately. He is the favorite among grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. His parental unit clingy stage was so short the relatives have blocked it from their collective memories. Not only does he win people over with his hugs and kisses he has been blessed with perfect features. His hair is white-blond and downy soft. His cheeks are smooth and kissable. He has eye-lashes to die for and I swear when he runs around in his bathing suit, I can see the beginnings of a six-pack.

Yet for his parents, he turns from angel to demon in the blink of an eye. I daily struggle with this mental game. What decisions will result in the greatest probability that I will avoid a B-breakdown. Quickly followed by, is it fair to the brothers that I spend so much time and effort catering to one willful child? Some things now come naturally. Only B can claim the the green cup. His pancakes can be but into strips or cubes, but only with his prior consent. Though many rules of these arbitrary rules are now second nature, everyday, some new outburst takes me by surprise.

I sometimes think his dad and I are extra hard on him to make up for… I don’t know… his charmed life? I fear he will end up a bully. Or an evil genius. Or Peter Wiggin. But maybe he is really just a good kid who gets tired and cranky sometimes.


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