Undecided Voters

October 19, 2012

While link surfing this morning I came across some thought-provoking comments in response to this quote: “Arps told The Daily he doesn’t know yet who he’ll vote for. He said he’s ‘not too hip to elections and stuff.‘”*Undecided Voter Poster

One of the commenters mused: “What fascinates me now is the issue of late season undecided voters: what is going on in their minds? Surely there’s no dearth of information for them to consider and process. Is undecided a generous euphemism for flippantly indifferent?”

I would actually like to answer that because I can relate to the undecided voter. It’s not that we can’t decide which promises we prefer. It’s that we just don’t believe in anyone’s promises anymore. A lot of the “decided” voters I know are single-issue voters. Nothing is more important to certain people than saving unborn babies, marrying whomever they choose, protecting the environment, or perhaps balancing the budget. Republicans are known to be champions of certain issues, and Dems others. But what if you feel very strongly that we need to balance the budget and save the planet?

Two-party politics are not serving the people’s best interests anymore. The polarization has become too extreme. Too few can compromise. That is one reason I am writing… I want to find the middle ground and put it on “paper”. Is that even possible? Can the people once again find the solution to the problems created by government? Can we do it this time without a revolutionary war?

*I know you are supposed to write [sic] if quoting a misspelling, but what do you do when quoting bad grammar like missing end quotes? Yes, I actually think about these things.


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