Another Narcissist

October 13, 2012

It’s been said that social media and blogs are terribly narcissistic. I tend to agree. I don’t want to be that way, but putting thoughts out into the ether is a temptation I can’t seem to resist. This time I am trying anonymous on for size. I am not going to put links on the Facebook, or pretend I am imparting wisdom to far off strangers. At least I am going to try. But I do tend to get pedantic and preachy so I am sure I will slip-up sometimes; it’s such a habit.

I am also going to try and keep in mind that no one is reading this. And probably never will! That’s okay. I am just tired of having all these thoughts spin around in my brain… around and around. I want to write them down. Give them shape and clarity. Yes, my ideas would most likely end hunger, war, and poverty, but the world is just not ready yet.


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