October 12, 2012


It’s October of an election year! Politics are in the air. Sometimes I wonder if every generation feels like the country is actually on the brink of destruction. My parents lived through the Cold War, their parents lived through the Korean War and WWII but did any of them actually think the country would self-destruct?

It’s one thing to be afraid of a known enemy. We seem to come together in times of actual war. But to unite the political divide at this point in time seems impossible and hopeless.

I will admit that I can’t stand our president. I am not a Republican, but I hate that he swooped in with his message of “hope and change” and then proceeded to polarize white against black, rich against poor, businessman against consumer. I have always been rather partial to McCain. I like the maverick. I like the idea of¬†libertarianism. I am a veteran, so a POW will always have my respect. But back in ’08, I realized John’s ship had sailed and he didn’t stand a chance. So I figured, “Hey, at least we will either have the first woman president or the first black president and that’s all good.”

But it’s not “all good”. Not good at all.

I am not going to leave it at that though. Well, today I might, but not forever. I want to actually talk about why this administration has hurt the country. And if anyone ever does stumble across this blog, I welcome thoughtful debate. I am tired of conversations between the left and the right consisting of stereotypical accusations.

Anyway, I just attempted to do what I promised myself I wouldn’t do… waste time trying to find examples of the above statement in order to defend my position before anyone ever even reads my position or cares. Which leads to a bunny trail of web-surfing and a plethora of unfinished posts. I think I have more partial posts in my drafts folder then actual posts on all my old blogs!

Anyway… next time I see a vile comment, I will post it then. I am sure it won’t be long.

For now schoolwork and messy fingers need my attention!


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