A Fresh Start

October 12, 2012

Fresh Start Exit SignI will admit… I like to start things. I sometimes finish things. But it’s the starting that gets me all fired up. This is blog #3. Maybe #4. I was doing pretty good with the last one. I had at least 20 posts a month for 3 or 5 months or so. It went downhill when I invited my sister to join. Not that I don’t still like my sister… I do. But somehow I had to write with intent. I had to keep to our goals. I wanted to slip some political discourse into the mix but was always afraid of writing stuff that didn’t represent the vision.

Anyway… I want to ramble less. I want to spend less time explaining the thoughts and experiences of the past that brought me to what I want to say in the present. I want to write as if the past is known and understood, because let’s face it… this blog is for me. And if anyone else ever reads it… they can just ask. Why write for a huge audience that is only in my head?

So for now, I am declaring that my audience is me. I am writing this blog to myself. Sometimes I have ideas that just run around in my head for weeks that won’t give up real estate in my brain until I write them down. Here is where I will do it. The blog will be open to the world because I love intelligent conversation and can’t seem to find it in my everyday life. I will engage anyone, anywhere who has something meaningful they would like to discuss. That would be fun for me. But since I can only dump so much on my dear husband at any one time, I will dump the rest here.

Kirk out.

Update: I imported my posts from previous blogs for posterity. That’s why even though this blog officially started today, there are several months of older posts.


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